Some industries are more complex than others, but all have something in common, the need for electric power and qualify contractors that they can rely on and trust their industry electrical needs. Esencial Energy is a licensed and insured team that offers a variety of reliable services that will meet your needs in a safety, timely and effective manner. We will work with you in the planning, scope, and timing of the project to ensure the work is completed as planned and scheduled.





Industrial Scope of Services:

  • PLC, VFD, MCC, soft and regular starter, interlock, motors, controls and power installation.
  • Conduct repairs, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting on controlled equipment, high voltage and low voltage machine in multiple environments.




  • Installation and connections of Electric motors and magnetics.
  • Installation of Control Systems, Maintenance of Electric Motors and Control Systems, Rewiring of Electric Systems.
  • Project calculations, schematics, loads and motor calculations
  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment but also as part of a team.
  • Key areas of strength include, team leader, adept equipment, installer, electrical maintenance and support, inspection, automated control systems, welding machine maintenance, among others. 

Businesses and Commercial Scope of Services:

Low voltage:

  • Circuits and wiring installation, planning and load calculations.
  • Breaker panel installation, replacement and service upgrades.
  • Lighting configuration and design for interior and exterior.
  • Renovation, alteration, and additions.
  • System modernization and energy efficiency.
  • Cameras and security system
  • Wire and wireless network
  • Intercom and sound systems, CCTV
  • Electronic locks


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